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Push Business: “We can get everything done and more for approximately $X,XXX.XX”

Client: “How about $XXX.XX? My uncle’s nephew’s friend told me that this is usually the going rate.”

One of the biggest initial complaints that service providers have from a new potential client is usually always cost related.

Dear Cost Conscious Customer,

Let me be frank. You’re not the first person to point out that website creation isn’t cheap, nor will you be the last.

And you’re in luck, because there will always be someone out there to do it for much less! Especially on thumbtack! And because cost is your main concern, I’ll always lose out on jobs to someone who’s willing to do it for much cheaper. And that’s ok.

But as you’ll find out later on, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, more often than not, cheaper usually means worse.

The majority of my portfolio is filled with complete full on website overhauls where an ex-cost conscious customer has hired me to fix all the mistakes that they under paid someone else not to make in the first place.

So rather than convince you to see things my way, I’ve decided to give all the secret sauce of website creation away for free.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

You’re going to receive the exact technical blueprint perfect for anyone who wishes to save a ton of cash!

The creative part is the only thing I won’t be able to give away for free.

“Why can’t you give away the creative part too?” ….anyone can purchase a paint brush, canvas, and paint supplies. However, not everyone can paint, and unless you try it yourself, you won’t really know if you could either. Other than time, what do you have to lose?

How To Make a Professional Website For Free Without Paying a Web Guy a Penny.

The Push Business Formula

Ask Questions + Review Client Website Examples + Estimate Time Required + Provide Quote + Collect 50% Deposit + Purchase Hosting + Purchase Domain + Purchase CMS Code base + Install onto server + Style and Personalize + Add/Organize Content + Spend many hours tinkering with the flow + Apply decades of marketing knowledge+ provide finished work to client + administer client changes + collect remainder of outstanding balance = Your Website

Removing all the crucial client side steps, the essential creative process, and the decades of tried and tested marketing knowledge, we are left with only 4 technical steps that you can complete yourself.

Essential Steps For Website Creation

  1. Buy A Domain
  2. Purchase Hosting
  3. Install the WordPress CMS
  4. Purchase A Premium Theme
  5. *Censored Unteachable Design Process*
  6. *Application of tried and tested marketing expertise*
  7. Finished website.

Full disclosure: Almost all the links below are affiliate links which allow me to earn a little bit of $. The payouts are modest and allow for the continuation of true transparency. Plus, it’s the very least you can do to help me in exchange for all this free information.

Step 1) Buying a Domain

To start the magical process pick a good name and head on over to to check its’ availability. If the dot com version of your name isn’t available, try a different variation, or buy a different extension. As you can see from the URL of this site, I settled for a .CO because the .com was taken.

I prefer to keep all my domain and hosting purchases with separate providers, but if you’re looking to keep them all with the same company then I suggest you get the domain name at the same time of your hosting purchase at step 2 below. Many host providers, including the ones I recommend offer a free domain with every purchase!

The free domain name is a great addition to the hosting package, and if you’re only looking to host one website then this is the best way to go!

Step 2) Web Hosting

If you’re serious about building your own brand and online business presence I suggest you stay away from any FREE website service.

Moving away from the free model will allow you to have a Web Property that you fully control and own. Think of it as the difference of living with your parents VS living on your own.

The best part about it is the fact that web hosting is so cheap that you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this move earlier! Typically, it’ll run you less than $5 a month!

And here’s what you’ll get for so little.

-FREE Domain Name
-One-Click Installation of the WordPress CMS
-24/7 Support
-Fast reliable hosting
-Money back guarantee
-FREE $ For Advertising your local business
-Unlimited Email Accounts

99% of the websites that I build are all built using either Hostgator or Bluehost hosting. I can’t recommend these companies enough, as they offer similar features and excellent customer service.

Be sure to check them both out, they’re constantly running deals and competing with each other so pick the one that offers you a better price!

1) Hostgator

–>  <–

2) Bluehost

Host 6 Domains on 1 Account

Pro tip: You’ll get the best deal if you pre-pay for more than one year!

3) Installation of the WordPress CMS

These hosting companies above will present you with two different options for installation. A manual process that involves using an FTP client or a One-click automatic installation that takes less than a minute to run and complete. We’ll focus on the latter option.


1) Log Into cpanel (login information in your welcome email).

2) Find the “quick Install” icon.

3) Click on WordPress, then install.

4) Fill out the form and click on install.


1) Log Into cpanel (login information in your welcome email).

2) Find the “1 Click Installs”.

3) Click on WordPress, then install.

4) Fill out the form and click on install.

Once the WordPress installation is complete you’ll be presented and emailed the information on how and where to access your back-end panel.

To log into your website’s back end you’ll usually follow

Note: If you used to purchase your domain, you would need to forward your domain to the nameservers provided to you in the welcome email from your hosting company. This is a fairly simple process where you login to namecheap and add the nameservers to the domain. Additonally, if you acquired your domain in step 2 when you signed up for hosting you won’t need to do anything at all.

4) Purchase a Premium Theme

If you’ve completed steps 1-3 then you technically should have a functional website on your hands. Congratulations! WordPress comes with a free theme called Twenty Sixteen. It’s functional to the point of getting your message across in the most basic type of way possible.

However, if you want to make your site look really nice with a custom design that match your brand/image you’ll need to invest in a premium theme that allows for more flexibility.

There are a ton of places online that will sell you a flexible framework so feel free to look around! As an example, my site is built on the Elegant Themes framework using the Divi theme! I love it and can’t recommend them enough.

They have two pricing options. An Annual Plan and a Lifetime Access Plan. Both give you access to all of their themes, plug-ins, and theme updates. They have quite a selection, so you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

They currently have 87 different themes to chose from so be sure to check them out!

In the spirit of giving you two options…

Another great marketplace to buy a really nice WordPress theme is Themeforest from the Envato Marketplace. Check em out at the link below!

Once you pruchase your theme a download will become available in the form of a .zip file. Installing the themes is a fairly simple process.

How To Install Your Premium WordPress Theme

1) Simply log into the wordpress back end and navigate to the appearance section.

2) Click on Add New

3) Upload the zip file per the theme’s instructions

4) Click Activate

5) Voila!


Creating a website is a complicated process but it’s much easier with the right tools and a great guide to help you along the way. If you followed my steps, you now own your very own Web Property and without any help of an expensive web developer!

If you’re stuck and still have questions! Be sure to drop me a line at the contact form below!

All the best!



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